Midtown Business Association

We are proud to have the Midtown Business Association (MBA) as our Partner.  Mr. Pat Almgren, a Founding Member of the Association and a friend to Integrated Learning Program (ILP), writes this about their organization:

"In 1980, Clarkson Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center enlisted the aid of eight businessmen in the area to act to stop the deterioration of the neighborhood.  Preserving and improving this historical part of Omaha was appealing, so these businesses met over lunch once a month to plan the project. They began by improving their own facilities and then urging others to do the same. The idea took hold. Today MBA is comprised of more than 100 businesses and professional entities.

Each year, MBA recognizes businesses with Neighborhood Improvement Awards, and this activity encourages investors to come back to the area.  Area improvement; harmony among health care providers and the business community, friendship among competing business, programs to help troubled youth, an influential voice in city politics, recognition of personal achievements, property renovations, and love and concern for our great city - these are the aims and products of the Midtown Business Association."

The Midtown Business Association is a proud Adopt-A-School sponsor of the Integrated Learning Program.  Each year, some of MBA's annual dues help support the school.  In addition, some MBA members mentor the at-risk youth, sponsor family & community events such as Fall Festival & Spring Fling, and donate childrens books and prizes for the school raffles.


Thank you to the Midtown Business Association for their continued dedication and support to the ILP students, staff and families!

MBA Honors Ms. Bender

Sandy Bender's Motto: 

We Do Second Chances                      

By Norita Matt          

When I approached the Integrated Learning Program (ILP), located at 3030 Spaulding Street, I did not notice anything spectacular until I walked into this progressive school and met Sandy Bender.  She is quite a woman and her staff and students express this openly.

During the past sixteen years that Sandy has been with OPS, she taught special education at Bryan Middle School for six years and then was an Assistant Principal at ILP for eight years.  Two years ago, Sandy became the Program Director at ILP where she supervises 70 faculty and 110 students with special needs from Kindergarten to age twenty-one.  Sandy explained that the high ratio of staff to students is necessary because of the high needs of her student's medical, behavioral and cognitive limitations.

Sandy received her teaching degree from the University of NE at Kearney and her Educational Administration degree from Doane College.  She has twenty-five years in the specail eduation field.  Sandy attends Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, loves her pooch, Buster, of thirteen years, is an amateur farmer, and a huge NASCAR fan.

Sandy lives by this quote that is on the front entrance of the school:

We do second chances; We apologize; We forgive; We respect each other; We keep promises; We never give up; We encourage one another; We laugh often; We belong; We are a Family. 

The passion and support that Sandy gives to her students is evident.  Sandy believes each day is a new day and that her students can make a difference.  For instance, she hands out "Woo Hoo" stickers to deserving staff and students for doing the little things that make a difference everyday at ILP.

Sandy extends a big "Thank You" to the Midtown Business Association for that we do for her school.  She would like to invite Midtown Business Association members to the Fall Festival on October 20th, 2011 from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  The festival would not happen without the Associations support and financial contributions.  Sandy passed on a "Woo Hoo" sticker to the Midtown Business Association for making a difference in a very big way to the students and staff at ILP.

September 2011

MBA Support

Ms. Lane serves hot dogs and chips donated by the Midtown Business Association for our annual Spring Fling.