Helping Others


Dental Assistance

Creighton Dental Clinic

2802 Webster St 

(402) 280-5990


Charles Drew Health Center

2915 Grant St

(402) 457-1200


OneWorld Community Health Center

4920 S. 30th St

(402) 932-7204

Medical Assistance

  OneWorld Community Health Center

  4920 S. 30th


 (402) 734-4110

Mental Health Assistance

 Child Savings Institute

115 S. 46th St

(402) 553-6000


Community Alliance

4001 Leavenworth

(402) 341-5128


Lutheran Family Services

120 S. 24th St

(402) 346-6100


Munroe Meyer Institute

444 S. 44th St

(402) 559-6460


Region 6 Behavioral Health

3801 Harney Street

(402) 444-6573

SHARE Food Distribution

SHARE food distribution takes place one Saturday a month.  This opportunity to save money on food is available to everyone and is not a low-income program. 

What is SHARE?

     SHARE Iowa is an organization that offers tasty, nutritious grocery packages at half the retail cost in exchange for two hours of volunteer community service in your community.  Choosing where you volunteer is up to you - any good deed qualifies!

Who can paricipate?

     Anyone who eats can participate.  You can purchase as many packages of food as you like, as long as you have volunteered at least two hours of your time prior to your food pick-up date.

What are the food packages like?

     The Best Value Package varies from month to month, but it always contains fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.  The meat is usually frozen.  The are also fruit & veggie packages, meat only packages, and other types of foods.

How can I give SHARE a try?

     Contact SHARE Iowa by going to their website, to place your order, or call them at 800-344-1107.

How can I pay for my SHARE food?

     You can pay for your SHARE packages with cash or EBT/food stamps.

Contact Info

For Questions regarding Community Resources

Please Contact:

Mr. Gunter

ILP Social Worker

(402) 344-7895



Food Bank of the Heartland

(Help with SNAP/Food Stamps)

(855) 444-5556


Holy Family Open Door Ministry (1715 Izard St)

Open M-Th, 10-2pm.  Need SS#, birth certificate, Medicaid card, pay stub.

Provides Food, utilities, rent, clothing and medciations.

(402) 341-6561


Heartland Hope Mission (5210 S. 21st St.)

Th, Sat 1:30-4pm.  T, 6:30-7:30.  Need photo ID, SS#, date of birth, proof address

Provides clothing, toiletries and food.

(402) 733-1904


Juan Diego Center  (5211 S. 31st St. East)

M, T, Th, F 9:30-11:30am, Fri 9:30-11:30am, Wed 4-6pm

Proof of residence and Photo ID

Provides food pantry

(402) 731-5413


Open Door Mission (2828 N. 23rd St. East)

Open Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm

Timberlake Outreach Center has food, clothing, diapers, furniture, and more

(402) 422-1111


Project Hope (4205 Boyd Street)

M, W, F, 1pm-3pm

Provides Food and Clothing

(402) 453-7649


St. Vincent De Paul Society (2101 Leavenworth St)

M-F, 8-4pm.  Need 2 forms of ID.

Provides food, clothing and rent/utility assistance

(402) 346-5445


Together Inc.  (1616 Cass St)

M, W, Th, 9-1pm  Tues 9am-7pm

Proof residence, photo ID and SS #

Provide Food, Clothing, and Furniture

(402) 345-8047