About The Independent Study Program!!!!!

Courses Offered

English BSP 1-2  
English BSP 3-4           
English BSP 5-6          
English BSP 7-8
Pre-Algebra BSP 1-2
Algebra S
Math SC 1-2
Math BSP 3-4
Math BSP 5-6
Social Studies
U.S. History BSP                     
Intro. to Economics BSP         
Geography BSP                       
Modern World History BSP      
American Government BSP    
Applied Science HS1(Biology)
Applied Science HS2(Chemistry)
Applied Science HS3
Physical Education
Study Skills
Human Growth and Development
Exploratory Art
Life Skills
OJP(On the Job Placement) Up to 3 credits per semester
Earth Science

Benefits of Independent Study

-Small Classroom Size

-Individualized Program

-Work at Your Own Pace

-Earn Credit At An Accelerated Rate

About The Teacher

My name is Tony Aliano and I am the Independent Study teacher.  The Independent Study Program offers students the opportunity to recover credits in a timely manner.  Students are responsible for their own success in this program. They will get out of it exactly what they put into it!!!I promote a safe and enjoyable learning environment, and look forward to seeing student success in the program.

Current Employers of Ind.Study Students

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