Food Pyramid

Mr. Cody Shevlin

DSC00190.JPG This is my 12th year teaching Physical Education and Weight Training.  I have a degree in K-12 Physical Education and Health Management from Hastings College. 

I played football and baseball at Hastings.  I enjoy student diversity and a chance to educate students to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Monthly Tips

Eat More to Weigh Less:

Add at least 6 of these power foods to your diet each day and your body will have the fuel to become a fat-burning machine.

A Almonds (and other nuts)

B Beans (and other legumes)

S Spinach (and other green vegetables)

D Dairy

I Instant Oatmeal

E Eggs

T Turkey (and other lean meats)

P Peanut Butter

O Olive Oil

W Whole Grains (breads and cereals)

E Extra-Protein Power (whey)

R Raspberries (and other berries)


(helpful hint sponsored by Men's Health Magazine)