Integrated Learning Program


AdministrationProgram DirectorMs. Bender  
AdministrationTeacher LeaderMs. Lane  
AdministrationDean of StudentsMs. Hansen  
OfficeSecretaryMs. Roach  
OfficeNurseMrs. Venditte  
Office School Resource OfficerOfficer Chizek  
OfficeSecurityMr. Harper  
OfficeSecurityMs. Smith  
OfficeSocial WorkerMr. Gunter  
OfficeBuilding EngineerMr. Chapman  
Teaching StaffElementaryMs. Page  
Teaching StaffElementaryMs. Bird  
Teaching StaffElementaryMrs. Dotzler  
Teaching StaffMiddle SchoolMrs. Lipka  
Teaching StaffMiddle SchoolMr. Saab  
Teaching StaffMiddle SchoolMr. Paumer  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMr. Brown  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMrs. Clemens  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMs. Anastasia  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMrs. Nesmith  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMs. Urzendowski  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMs. London  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMr. Tucker  
Teaching StaffHigh SchoolMr. Sampsel  
Teaching StaffK-8 Alternate Curriculum ProgramMrs. Abbott  
Teaching Staff9-12 Alternate Curriculum ProgramMs. Gardiner  
Teaching Staff9-12 Alternate Curriculum ProgramMs. Moline  
Teaching StaffIndependent Study ProgramMr. Aliano  
Teaching StaffPhysical EducationMr. Shevlin  
Teaching StaffArt TherapyMrs. Caddell  
Teaching StaffMusic TherapyMs. Weise  
Teaching StaffLibrary Media Specialist   
Teaching StaffStudent Success CenterMs. Franks  
Travel StaffSpeech Language PathologistMrs. Hobza  
Travel StaffSchool PsychologistMrs. Smith  
Travel StaffSchool Support Liaison Mrs. Stenzel  

At ILP...

Our staff are dedicated teachers and leaders who hold high expectations for student's achievement while working on appropriate social interactions.  Our staff is composed of approximately 20 certified teachers and 40+ support staff, all of whom are working their hardest to meet the needs of our students!

We are ordinary people doing an extraordinary job!!